About Flying Moose

Flying Moose is a San Francisco based video design and video production company providing services for clients located throughout the world

We are experts at partnering with members of the business and performing arts community to tell compelling stories through moving images. We design and produce video for a diverse client list including large corporations, small businesses, non-profit organizations, theatre, dance and opera companies and dozens of individual artists. We provide full production services including concept development, production, editing, visual effects and graphics, music composition and sound design.

Our video is used to solve a huge variety of customer needs

We produce industrial videos for sales, marketing, communications, documentation, education and training, product launches and focus groups, as well as music videos, video for live performance and narrative films.

We replace voluminous technical training manuals with web-ready video clips, instruct astronomers on how to speak to the public and turn complex scientific concepts into engaging stories. We document product performance and capture brainstorming sessions. We work with performing artists, documenting their work, creating compelling demo reels, or designing and integrating graphics and video into their shows. We write and produce videos for gala fundraising events, humorous short films for marketing and sales events, or to promote the use of green construction technologies. Our videos span the universe of images from remote galaxies to the microscopic coils used to operate inside the brain. We deliver for the web, podcasts, broadcast, or DVD.

Flying Moose Pictures was founded by Mark Leialoha and Jonathan Luskin, who bring over 40 years of experience in filmmaking, still photography, visual effects, theatre and animation to each project.

The Moose team draws on a wide network of designers, production crew and actors to assemble a team that uniquely serves each client’s production. Our approach is hands-on, creative and professional. We collaborate closely with our clients to meet both their creative and budgetary requirements.