Industries We Serve

Large and small companies in a broad range of industries rely on Flying Moose Pictures

Our video services are used to solve a huge variety of customer needs. We produce corporate and industrial videos for sales, marketing, communications, documentation, education and training, product launches and focus groups as well as music videos, live performances, and narrative films.

Communications Video Production and Design

Corporate video communications. Flying Moose designs and produces video for all types of corporate communications and for audiences internal and external to your company. Producing a video to communicate your message creates opportunities to:

  • Communicate a complex message in a short amount of time.
  • Engage and impact the viewer with images, text, graphics, animation, and sound.
  • Spread your message widely without having to do that in person.
  • Collect analytics that tell you how many people watched, shared your message.

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Company Profile Video Production and Design

A company profile video rapidly establishes the value of your product or service and how they are differentiated from your competition. Our customers have used these videos to open meetings with potential customers, as proxies to their own canned presentations, and, of course, on their website.

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Content Marketing Video Production and Design

Content marketing is the art of communicating with your customers and prospects without selling. Instead of pitching your products or services, you deliver information that makes your buyer more informed. If your business can deliver consistent, valuable information to buyers, they will reward you with their business and loyalty." Flying Moose can engage and educate your customers by crafting stories about the big ideas that represent your business. We can produce the content you need to communicate the differentiated experience that your service or product offers.

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Corporate Video Production and Design

Video design and video production services for corporate clients. Flying Moose provides video design and video production services for corporate clients located throughout the world. We are experts at crafting compelling stories from moving images and partnering with members of the business community, large or small. We provide full production services including concept development, production, post-production, editing, visual effects and graphics, music composition and sound design.

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Customer Story & Testimonial Video Production and Design

Customer testimonials can be the most powerful way to get your story told. We have are experts designing and executing interviews that communicate your message in a compelling and visually engaging way. Our approach is to establish a report with the interview subject through an understanding of their needs, of the solutions your company offers, and through relaxed conversation.

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Dance / Theater Video Production and Design

Dance video, theater videos, live performance videos. Professional video documentation of Dance and Theater begins, as all our projects, by asking probing questions to understand the intent of the completed video - what it will communicate, how it will be used, who the audience will be, the context in which it will appear, and the intended call to action. Many of our performing arts video clients have only recently worked with professionals to produce their visual communications. At Flying Moose, we are always happy to educate and guide a client new to video production as well as adapt to the needs of a more experienced client.

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Documentary Video Production and Design

Documentary video for live events, conferences, focus groups. The term, "Corporate documentary" can mean many things. Here are some examples of corporate documentaries that Flying Moose has developed, designed, and produced:

  • Clinical examination of dementia patients to support research into non-Alzheimer's dementias.
  • Surgical procedures to discover best practices among different surgeons.
  • The performance of diabetes patients in a trial of a new medical device.
  • Off-label cosmetic procedures by plastic surgeons.
  • The creative process as a group of executives from a global agriculture company worked with a leading design firm, brainstorming ideas for the implementation of RFID tags throughout their business.
  • The rehearsal process for a dramatically new production of Caucasian Chalk Circle.
  • The energy and passion of a Silicon Valley "demo" day.
What all these different projects have in common is the benefit of communicating a story in an apparently "objective" way, featuring truthful interviews and performances, edited and focused into tight, engaging story.

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Film / Narrative Video Production and Design

Narrative Fiction, feature film, short film. San Francisco has a thriving film community and Flying Moose has often joined with our colleagues to produce, shoot, and complete post-production on a variety of narrative film projects. Our work for corporations, performing artists, and films are all variations on a theme - they require the real value behind our services -- our ability to collaborate with clients and tell their story. Since Flying Moose works with so many performing groups, we have access to a huge pool of talented cast and crew that are eager to work on narrative film projects. For more than a decade, we have worked closely with the San Francisco Film Society, providing video services to archive presentations at the annual San Francisco International Film Festival. We have captured lectures, interviews, and award presentations, allowing the non-profit festival to reach a global audience. The genesis of our own narrative short films were two award-winning short plays, Aegis, and Ecce Homo, that won film production commissions from PlayGround, the Bay Area's premiere new play development laboratory.

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Marketing Video Production and Design

Marketing videos for the performing arts. We have produced a huge variety of marketing films for performing arts organizations and individual artists to fill many needs, including:

  • Web videos
  • Curtain raiser videos to promote upcoming events and seasons
  • Videos to entertain and inform donors at fundraising galas
  • Historical videos
  • Demo reels for grant applications

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Music Video Production and Design

Music videos. We have produced music videos for solo artists, bands, small and large, a full Baroque Orchestra, and opera. We've designed, shot, and completed music videos that entertain, promote, and document musical performance, or even teach obscure PhotoShop techniques. When multi-track audio recording is required of a live musical event, we often work closely with Potrero Post, our audio post-production and recording studio partners.

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Performance Media Video Production and Design

Moving images integrated into live performance. Media for performance means still images, motion graphics, or live action video that is integrated into the live presentation. We have worked with artists, in rehearsal, as they developed their work, ensuring that we are completely immersed in the artistic intent and vision.

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Performing Arts Video Production and Design

Flying Moose has worked with more than two-hundred dance, theater, opera, and music performing arts organizations. We have collaborated with huge variety of artists, some new to video production and some who have years of experience telling their stories with moving images. We have worked with solo performers and large orchestras, non-profits and for profits, professionals and amateurs, designing and producing videos for marketing, grant applications, gala fundraising events, archival performance documentation and more. We have designed and produced still images, motion graphics, and live action video for integration with performance. Capturing live performance is a specialty that requires a very specific design, planning, equipment, and execution. We have decades of experience documenting live performance, listening to our performing arts clients, joining them to design effective communication.

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Product Demo Video Production and Design

Often the best way to explain and demonstrate the benefits of a new product (or a product in development) is through a short product demo video. These videos can include narration (on screen or off), actors, or members of your team.

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Product Launch Video Production and Design

Product launch videos. Kickstarter Videos. Crowdfunding videos. A short video can pitch the value of your work to prospective clients and investors without the need for you to do that in person. The challenge is that the world is not exactly lacking for pitches - the very audience you want to watch your video are drowning in a deluge of moving images. How to break from the pack and stand out? The answer is a process that begins with understanding your story, adapting it and designing that for a visual grammar. We've collaborated on a launch video development process for Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, non-profits, dance and theater companies, visual artists, and to promote our own short films.

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Sales / Marketing Video Production and Design

Visual storytelling for sales videos and marketing videos. Corporate sales video and corporate marketing videos are among the most best uses of visual communication. Our expertise is working closely with our clients to discover the most efficient and most engaging way to communicate a compelling, visual story to their customers.

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Training Video Production and Design

Training videos from serious to comic. Training videos require a very close collaboration with our clients as we design the best way to present information. We work closely with our clients, often creating a "Beta" test video to test with their target audience in advance of creating a more fully produced training video. We've produced training videos for medical devices, astronomers, neuroscientists, Silicon Valley engineers, and Photoshop artists. Styles can range from serious to comedic.

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