Client Reviews & Testimonials

The Bridge Peer Counseling Center at Stanford University

“The training videos are working very well for the Bridge. The videos provide consistency and a path for the training of all new students. It is an effective tool, saving tremendous amount of hours and effort. I am very appreciative of your patience, and impressed with your insight and capacity to capture the essence of what the Bridge needed.”

—Dr. Alejandro M. Martinez, senior associate director for consultation and liaison for counseling and psychological services at Stanford’s Vaden Health Center

“Flying Moose did a marvelous job in helping Malcolm navigate their first video!  Mark and Jonathan have been consummate professionals and we appreciate that more than you know. We certainly look forward to working with you both on future products.”

—Robert J. Corbolotti President & CEO Malcolm Holdings, Inc.

Cyracom – Language Services

Flying Moose was willing to move very quickly on our unconventional project and consistently seemed as concerned about telling the right story as we were. Their creativity and approach made a significant impact on the outcome of the project.”

—Mitchel Forney – Director of Marketing – CyraCom – Language Services

O’Reilly Media

Flying Moose has a exceptional crew that packs every micro-second of their pieces with care, skill, and creativity.

—Dan Brodnitz, General Manager, Digital Media Division


Working with Flying Moose Pictures was a pleasure. They are dedicated professionals and went far beyond our requirements to produce first rate work. I was also impressed with their creativity—our location was less than ideal, but Flying Moose managed to turned lemons into lemonade and did amazing work.

—Gwen Shapira, Senior Database Administrator

New Logic Research

I was very pleased with the end result and the “quick learn” abilities of the guys from Flying Moose. This new training video is on our website now and has been a great asset to us and our clients.

—Greg Johnson, Chief Executive Officer