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Our Creative Video Development Process

Storytelling & Collaboration

Flying Moose Pictures is both a collaborative team specializing in corporate storytelling and a full service video production company.

Working with us means engaging in our creative development process designed to bring your story to the screen. It means collaborating with us so that we understand the story you want to tell as well as you do.

Our Production Company

Video Production Services


Conceptual development Script writing Storyboarding Animatics Location scouting Casting


A variety of HD Cinema and ENG cameras, including DSLR and Black Magic Producing & Directing Direction of photography Green screen mattes Steadicam flyer Sound & Lighting Styling

Post-Production & Editing

Motion graphics Sound design Music composition and performance Sound sweetening, mixing, and design

Distribution & Delivery

Compression for the web: H.264, QuickTime, Windows Media, Podcasting

The Bridge Peer Counseling Center at Stanford University

“The training videos are working very well for the Bridge. The videos provide consistency and a path for the training of all new students. It is an effective tool, saving tremendous amount of hours and effort. I am very appreciative of your patience, and impressed with your insight and capacity to capture the essence of what the Bridge needed.”

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